International Workshop on Biochar and Sustainable Agriculture (3rd Announcement)

(Nanjing China, October 18-25, 2016)

Biochar Workshop 3rd announcement (PDF, download) 


An International Workshop on Biochar and Sustainable Agriculture is scheduled to take place in Nanjing China October 18-25, 2016. This workshop is aimed to a joint exchange and sharing biochar technology for sustainable crop straw treatment and soil management in agriculture between China and south-eastern Asian countries. This workshop is aligned to an International Summit on Biochar for Sustainable Agriculture scheduled on October 19, 2016 and followed by an international biochar training and demonstration till October 25, 2016. You will be issued a certificate after attending the training activity. In particular, you will be able to access to lectures given by well-known international biochar experts, mostly from the IBI board panel, and to most advanced biochar production and application technologies available in a demonstration center nearby the NJAU campus.
This workshop is organized under the authority of China Ministry of Education, sponsored by the K.C.Wong Education Foundation Hong Kong and co-sponsored by the Nanjing Agricultural University as well as Sanju-NJAU Biochar Green Technology Center. All your local expenses will be covered by the local organizer while you need to pay your travel to China. Accommodation in hotels will be either in Jinjiang Inn or in Motel 168, nearby the NJAU campus. Self check-in is easy at arrival. Pls don’t hesitate to contact us while you have any questions, via email to:; or to:
We look forward to meeting you soon and a pleasant stay in the golden autumn in Nanjing.

Yours sincerely,

Genxing Pan   潘根兴

Professor, Director
Institute of Resource, Ecosystem and Environment of Agriculture, NAU
cc: Wei Wei, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, NAU


Attachment 1. Your response; 2. Speeches of the plenary session; 3. Agenda of the biochar traning.

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Oct 19

International Summit on Biochar for Sustainable Agriculture


Oct 20-21

China-Asian biochar workshop


Oct 22-25

Biochar training and demonstration


Attachment 2: Speeches in the plenary session of the workshop,  Morning,19th October:

l  Saran Sohi: Biochar Systems

l Johannes Lehmann: Biochar and soil effects

l Tom Miles: Technology overview and updates in North America

l Stephen Joseph: Technology overview and updates in Australia

l Robert Brown: Carbon negative bioenergy

l Kathleen Draper: Biochar market and biochar displacement strategy

l Guy Reynaud: Biochar and sustainable development

l Annette Cowie: GEF B4SS progress and lessons (TBD)

l Albert Bates: Biochar and global Eco-village

 China/ASEAN Technology Training on Biochar and Sustainable Agriculture

(October 21-25, 2016)

 Course Time:8:30-12:00am in the morning and 2:00-5:30pm in the afternoon
 Location: Room B211, Building of College of Resources and Environment Sciences, NJAU

Oct. 21
Morning session: Training opening and lectures by experts, including photographing at the building gate while tea break
Lecture 1. Waste biomass and carbonization: from science to technology, Prof Genxing Pan
Lecture 2. Biochar and biochar based fertilizers, by Prof. Lianqing Li
Afternoon session: free for city tour, Nanjing
Oct. 22
Morning session: Continued expert lectures on biochar science & technology
Lecture 1. Biochar soil effects and B4SS global biochar project, by Dr Xiaoyu Liu
Lecture 2. Biochar for environmental management and pollution control, by Dr Rongjun Bian
Afternoon session: Continued expert lectures on biochar production technology
Lecture 1. Straw biomass treatment and carbonization, by Mr Yanjun Zhu, a senior engineer on biomass machinery from Jiangsu Huadian Enviornm Equip. Co Ltd
Lecture 2. Large scale straw biomass carbonization and the pyrolyser innovation, by Yuanjie Ding, a senior engineer from Jiangsu Huarui Elctro Machinery Co Ltd.
Lecture 3. Owner affiliated (or business scale) waste biomass carbonization kilns and the application, by Dabin Zhao, a senior engineer from Tianyuan Environm Machinery Co Ltd
Lecture 4. Animal wastes and carbonization for safe treatment, by Mr Zihou Jiang, a senior engineer from Beneve Environm Protection Tech Co Ltd.
Oct. 23 A trip to a biowaste carbonization innovation base in Zhejiang Province. 

Day round travel Nanjing-Jinhua high speed train trip (passport needed for pre-reservation of tickets, time schedule: TBD
Hosted by Mr Wenjian Li, the chief engineer of pyrolyser design, and by Mr Houming Lv, the general manager of Zhejiang Jinguo Furnace Co Ltd;
Lunch offered while at the local site (pls prepared yourself for non-pork dieting)
Oct. 24 Mutual exchanges and open discussion in the morning
1. On a China-ASEAN networking of biomass and biochar in agriculture
2. On potential China-ASEAN cooperation projects on biochar in agriculture
3. Training certificate issuing and close-up, Prof. Genxing Pan
Afternoon, a visit to NAU campus
Oct. 25. Departure

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