Dr Stephen Joseph is a visiting professor at IREEA. Dr. Joseph has extensive experience of material and chemical engineering in developing processes and technologies that convert bio-waste into energy and value added products. Since 2012, he has been acting as a primary tutor of the international biochar training course, hosted by the institute.

Contact: Tel.: +86 25 84398657; Email: 


              Date of birth:                           01 October, 1950

              Marital status:                          Married

              Postal Address:                        5 Kenneth Avenue, Saratoga, NSW, 2250

              Mobile telephone:                    +61 (0) 423629930



PhD, Department Architecture and Anthropology, University of NSW, 1988.

              BSc (Hons), Metallurgical Engineering, University of NSW, 1972.


              Chartered Engineer

              Fellow Australian Institute of Energy

Visiting Professor University of NSW and Nanjing Agricultural University

Founding Vice Chair International Biochar Initiative (2006-2012)

              Member of Save the Children Technical Advisory Board (2000-2006)

              Chairman Community Aid Abroad Uni. of  NSW (1970-1972)

              Member Australian Govern. Renewable Energy Policy Committee (ex)

              Member of NSW Gov Wood Waste Working Group (1995-2000)

          Member FAO Regional Wood Energy Working Group (1982-1995).



·               Development of processes that recycle or value add to waste especially those that produce energy and a stable carbon that can be utilised to increase food production and help remediate degraded land.

·               Design and Evaluation of Biogas Biodiesel, Bioethanol and Bio-oil Plants

·               Design and commercialisation of biochar and energy technology from stoves to large scale continuous plant

·               Design and evaluation of waste minimisation processes and plant.

·               Development of biochar based integrated vermiculture/ aquaculture /hydroponics systems

·               Design and testing, stoves, dryers, small kilns, furnaces, steam plant, pyrolysis and gasifiers that use biomass, coal, liquid or gaseous fuels.

·               Evaluation of biomass feed stocks and processed products

·               Design and testing of advanced gas combustion equipment for turbines and for industrial processes.

·               Design of landfill energy systems.

·               Design, development and testing of air emissions control systems.

·               Impact Assessment of toxic wastes and indoor air pollution.

Market Research

·               Various market research projects including biomass energy, biofertilisers, biomass derived liquid fuels, charcoal and plastic wood composites.

Social Science

·               Economic feasibility studies on Waste to Energy and Value Added projects.

·               Development of funding documents/project plans for Rural and Urban bioenergy projects with emphasis on small scale stove and oven development and dissemination.

·               Development of monitoring and evaluation procedures for biochar technology and other rural bioenergy projects.

·                Design and implementation of rural resource/needs assessment studies.

·               Developing innovative income generating projects for rural areas.

·               Assessment of community forestry programs,

·               Feasibility studies on wood conservation in rural industries.

·               Evaluation of rural technology programs.

·               Design of extension and training programs.


Nepal, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, PNG, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Malaysia, Tonga , Fiji, China, Gambia, USA, Canada, U.K., Germany, Holland, Denmark, France, USA and Vanuatu.


Pentek LLc, Energy Farmers Pty, CARE Denmark, Asian Development Bank, Cornell University, South Australia No Till Farmers Association (SANTFA) Renewed Carbons Pty, BHP, Ignite Energy Resources Pty, ALCOA, Pacific Power, CRA/WIM, Sinclair Knight Merz, CSIRO, Universities of Sydney and NSW, ERDC, Austrade, Commonwealth Bank; Australian federal and state governments, British, Dutch, German, Canadian and Danish Government Agencies; United Nations Agencies including FAO, UNIDO, UNICEF, ILO, UNSO; International Agencies including, World Bank and the Foundation for Wood Stove Dissemination,  Energy Developments Limited, Australian Green House Office, US AID.


CARE, Cornell University, South Australia No Till Farmers Association (SANTFA) Renewed Carbons, ALCOA, Pacific Power, CRA/WIM, Sinclair Knight Merz, CSIRO, Universities of Sydney and NSW, ERDC, Austrade, Commonwealth Bank; Australian federal and state governments, British, Dutch, German, Canadian and Danish Government Agencies; United Nations Agencies including FAO, UNIDO, UNICEF, ILO, UNSO; International Agencies including, World Bank and the Foundation for Wood Stove Dissemination,  Energy Developments Limited, Australian Green House Office, US AID.


 June 2011 +

                     Adviser Bioenergy and Biochar; Visiting Professor UNSW and Nanjing                        Agricultural University

September 2008 to  May 2011

                     Chairman Anthroterra Pty Ltd

Developing carbon negative strategies for improving soil health and increasing  crop productivity. Involved developing new biochar products and large and medium sized pyrolysis equipment

Board member Quantum Bioenergy  Pty;Biogas to Electricity company


July 2007 -2010

Honorary Associate  Chemical Engineering

Undertake research work and consultancy on solid fuel combustion gasification and pyrolysis.

·         Biochar and biomass analysis and characterisation.

·         Development of low emissions burners to reduce CH4 emissions from coal mines

·         Consultant Ignite Pty Ltd developing technology to produce a clean liquid fuel and char from lignite.

1983 to 2007

Managing Director Biomass Energy Services and Technology  Pty. Limited

·         Development of Biochar process technology

·         Renewable energy and waste management policy formulation.

·         Market research on Renewable Energy Systems and Waste Recycling.

·         Design, appraisal and evaluation of biomass energy, biofuels and rural technology.

·         Design and evaluation of biofuels processes and plants.

·         Design and evaluation of  liquid waste to methane plants

·         Design/Feasibility studies of small-scale sugar, lime, ricemill and briquetting plant.

·         Design and testing of biomass/waste dryers, furnaces; pyrolysis and gasifiers.

·         Feasibility studies, design and testing of biomass fuelled CHP systems.

·         Development and testing of solar cookers and solar steam generating systems.

·         Modelling of fixed, suspended and fluid bed combustors.

·         Developing and commercialising wind turbines and microhydro plant.

·         Design, testing and commercialising clinical waste Gasifier.

·         Design and manufacture of air emission clean up systems.

·         Design and manufacture of advance gas turbine combustors and flares using calorific value gases.

·         Design of small landfill gas power stations.

·         Project design and appraisal.

·         Developing and implementing training courses and manuals.

·         Management of engineering, consultancy and contract R and D Company.

1978 to 1983

Biomass Programme Manager Intermediate Technology Development Group U.K. 

·         Responsible for design testing and technical services on a range of biomass fuelled household and small industrial heating and processing appliances.

·         Development of innovation biomass waste to solid and liquid fuels technologies

·         Development and implementation of biomass market research and monitoring evaluation studies

·         Assisted overseas organisations and business manufacture and market biomass fuelled equipment.

·         Carried out rural energy studies.

·         Assistance Earthscan prepare publications on biomass energy

1975 to 1977

 Director of the Longana Rural Industries Training Centre (Vanuatu). 

·         Design and manufacture of small bio-ethanol

·         Designed, built the school, developed the syllabus to train builders, mechanics, blacksmiths, water supply engineers

·         Developed maintenance programme and all manuals, training aids and textbooks. Assisted small business and helped establish a number of new enterprises.

1968 TO  1974

BHP, Australia  -  Trainee and then Graduate Metallurgical Engineer



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 Training Courses and Conferences where was on the organising and scientific committee and gave key note speeches and presentations as  a Visiting Professor

  1. International Biochar Initiative  Conferences in 2012, 2010, 2008 and 2007  

  2. Asia-Pacific Biochar Conference 2010 and 2012  

  3. China National Biochar Conference 2009 and 2011

  4. Organiser and principal trainer; 1st International Biochar Training Course; Nanjing    Agricultural University 2012  

Consultancies and Research Projects during the period as a Visiting Professor

Further details of consultancies provided at end of the CV


·         Development of agricultural waste to energy technology and charcoal- NPK fertilisers 2011-2013


·         Advising a commercial  company on development of an integrate waste management process to convert palm oil waste to energy (biogas and pyrolysis), charcoal fuel briquettes and fertiliser 2011-2012


·         Consultant to ADB Biochar and Green Ecology Project 2011-


·         Development of biochar cook stoves and ovens; 2011+; CARE Denmark.


·         Development of biochar and pyrolysis kilns and stoves for Cornell University Kenya Biochar Research Project


    • Development of farm Open Source Pyrolysers and development of fit for purpose biochars  


·         Grease Trap Waste to Biodiesel Plant design and Evaluation, SEDA 2003-2005

·         Evaluation of ABG Biodiesel Plant, SEDA 2003-2004

·         Evaluation of Canadian bio-oil and char plant, CADC 2004-2005

·         Development of a Paper Sludge to Char and Energy Plant, Renewed Fuels 2003-2005

·         Development of Low Cost Bio-methanation Plant, SEAV, 2004

·         Biomass cogeneration study; Thora Saw Mill, 2003

·         Conversion of Agricultural Residues to Energy and Agricultural Char, NSW Dept of Environment and Conservation, 2003-2004

·         Conversion of Dairy and GreenWaste to fertiliser and Energy, Glenelg Hopkins Development Authority, 2002-2003.

·         Novel technique for growth of Algae from the flue gas of cement kilns, Boral Pty, 2002

·         Design of Pyrolysis Plant for A cotton Gin, Novera Energy, 2001-2002

·         Feasibility of utilising Mimosa Pigra Weed as an energy source, N.T.Government, 1998. Following design of a Power plant 2002-2003

·         Design of landfill gas power station, Kogarah Council, 1997/8.

·         Assessment of renewable energy showcase projects, Australian Government Greenhouse Office, 1998.

·         Appraisal of liquid fuel from biomass pilot plant, NSW State Forests, 1998.

·         Feasibility of utilising green waste for energy, Energetics, 1998.

·         Conversion of waste paper and packaging to briquettes, Assoc. of Liquid Paperboard Manufacturers, 1997/1998.

·         Design review of EDL/Brightstar Gasifier and MSW processing plant, EDL Pty, 1997/98.

·         Agglomeration of liquid waste and cotton hulls as a coal replacement,
Cargill Oil Mills, 1997.

·         Development of a drier/separator for MSW pulp, EDL Pty, 1998.

·         Development of a 3MWth Cotton Waste Gasifier, EDL Pty, 1996/1998.

·         Development of a Stirling engine heat exchanger and gasifier, SES, 1997/98.

·         Development of low emissions landfill gas flares, EDL Pty, 1996/97.

·         Biochemical conversion of green waste to fertiliser, Energy Australia, 1997/1998.

·         Development of Low emissions porous burners, Sustainable Energy Dev. Authority, 1996/97.

·         Design of a low cost waste heat boiler for landfill gas power stations, EDL Pty, 1996.

·         Design and manufacture of 8MWth gas turbine combustor, EDL Pty, 1996/1998.

·         Design and manufacture of 350kW microhydro turbine, Delta Electric, 1997.

·         Design and monitoring of biomass fired FBC CHP plant, Sinclair Knight
Merz Pty, 1995-1998.

·         Development 50kW steam engine, Sinclair Knight Merz Pty, 1995-1998.

·         Assistance to the Ethiopian National Biomass Energy Programme, World Bank,

·         Development of mineral processing and pollution control equipment for CSIRO and Pacific Power, 1990-1994.

·         Coal Utilisation Studies, World Bank/ Min. of Energy, Ethiopia 1992-94.

·         Assessment of Grain Grinding Need and Income generation in Tigray; Christian Aid, 1992.

·         Training for Various Companies on use of computers for project Management and Preparation of Training manuals, 1988-1990 .

·         Evaluation of the Brick Industry in Thailand, AIDAB, 1989-90.

·         Evaluation of the Market for Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors in Developing Countries, Pacific Dunlop P/L, 1989.

·         Development of Bread Ovens and production systems VIRTU, P.N.G, 1988.

·         Training in Biomass Furnace Production Management and Methods FAO, 1988.

·         Development of a gasifier and a direct combustion drier for use with grain storage bins. University of NSW 1988.

·         Development of Two.

·         Chamber Furnace for Wet Sawdust, to Power Steam Engines.  ANU   1987.

·         Preparation of Training Material and Manuals on Biomass Energy Planning and Programme Implementation and Resource Person for Training Programmes.
FAO.   1985, 1986, 1987.

·         Feasibility of using biomass for CHP plants in ASEAN region, Australian Gov., 1994.

·         Preparation of a Review for UNHABITAT on “The Issues and Implications of Inter-fuel Substitution in the Domestic and Agricultural Sector “1985 and “State of the Art review on Biomass Gasification”, 1993.

·         Women Energy and the Environment; A study of the Brick Industry in Thailand

·         AIDAB 1992/3.

·         Development of two prototype fish dryers for the Institute of Fisheries and University of New South Wales, 1986-1988.

·         Development of Rice Husk Furnace for drying of rice.   IRRI.   1986.

·         Director of a Wood Energy Training Course for ITDG 1985, 1986.

·         Compilation of a Wood Energy Bibliography for FAO.   1985.

·         Modelling of a Wood Fired Steam Generating System. TSL Engineering, UK.   1985.

·         Development of Biomass Energy Programme (Assistance) Ministry of Energy/KENGO, Kenya.   1984, 1985.

·         Assistance with Stove Design and Programme Review for the FAO/Community Forestry.

·         Development Project's Stove Programme in Nepal. January 1981 and October 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985.

·         Development of Portable Wood Stoves for Kenya. USAID/Ministry of Energy. 
1983, 1984, 1985.

·         Development of a viable biomass briquetting process; Enertec; Kenya 1983.

·         Development of Stove Programmes in Sudan and the Gambia. UN Sahelian Office.1982, 1983.

·         Assistance to VITA/CILSS Stove Programme in Upper Volta. February 1981.

·         Design of Small Scale Sugar Furnaces, for the Indian Government.   1979.

·         Design of a Solar Powered Co-generation Plant, Uni. of Sydney and Pacific Power.

·         Development of a simple fish drying system; Department of Agriculture; Vila New Hebrides 1976.


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