SiNor Biochar 2023


    As a new frontier of bioeconomy, biochar provides a “Black for Green” solution jointly in biowastes management, climate stabilization, land degradation neutrality and food production. Agricultural application of biochar meets the goal of green transition of agricultural system, an initiation called by FAO following the UNFCCC COP 27 in 2022. Biochar can also contribute to boost soil health and food, called by the European Mission of a Soil Deal 2022. Moreover, biochar from crop residues may also help to reinforce land productivity and food production for rural agro-industry, a China national call in 2023. Meanwhile, production of biochar and biochar-based products could help to create a potential market for carbon credit exchange and trading nationally and globally. Biochar fertilizer is a nutrient-rich soil amendment that improves soil fertility and crop yield. Biochar production from diverse biowastes contributes to the green growth and circular economy.

    Norway, a leading country in bioeconomy, is cooperating with China’s partners on sustainable development of agriculture, which included biochar-based agriculture technology. NJAU and NIBIO has established collaborations with Sinograin II project. This ongoing project aims to contribute to climate smart food production for food security with the joint efforts of Norway and China. NJAU successfully organized a global conference on biochar and green agriculture sponsored by UNEP/GEF B4SS project in 2015, a global summit of Biochar for Green Development (B4GD) in 2019. For meeting the new demand for climate smart and healthy agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural University and NIOBIO are co-organizing a new international workshop onBiochar for climate smart food production, green growth and soil health(SiNorBiochar 2023). This event is the 2nd part of the Sinograin II project annual meeting 2023, the field workshop with Chinese and Norwegian Sinograin II consortium partners. We cordially invite scientists, engineers and bioeconomy developers in biochar sector over China and beyond, to make this event successful.

Workshop theme and scope:

    The event is aimed to enhance the exchange and sharing of the state-of-art of biochar production and characterization for safe and carbon negative waste management, of innovation of functional biochars and biochar-based products, and of the effects on, and benefits for, soil regeneration with soil health and food quality as well as climate change mitigation. Special concerns are given to soil and environment friendly agriculture linked to rural development with biochar technologies. A DEMO project will be visited in a field trip.    

Conference theme:Sino-Norwegian Workshop on Biochar for Climate-smart Food Production, Green Growth and Soil Health

Dates: June 7 – 10, 2023.

Venue: International Conference Hotel Nanjing, 2 Sifangcheng, in the park of Sun Yat-sen‘ Mausoleum, Nanjing, China

Traffic information:

1. At the airport: Shuttle to downtown (25CNY single ticket) is regular in 45 min interval in day time and maximum 30 min in night time. Take a shuttle to Nanjing Railway Station, then take a taxi (about 30 CNY) directly to the hotel (NIC).

You can take a taxi directly to the hotel, costing almost120-130 CNY.

2.At Nanjing South Railway Station:

Take Metro Line 3 at Nanjing South Railway Station, get off at Daxinggong Station, transfer to Metro Line 2, get off at Muxuyuan Station, and then take a taxi (15 CNY) to the hotel.

You can take a taxi directly to the hotel, which costs about 45 CNY.

3.Nanjing Railway Station:

Take Metro Line 3 at Nanjing Station, get off at Daxinggong Station, transfer to Metro Line 2, get off at Muxuyuan Station, and then take a taxi (15 CNY) to the hotel.

You can take a taxi directly to the hotel, which costs about 30 CNY.

Meeting agenda:

Wednesday 7 June 2023. Hanyuan Hotel, NAU, Nanjing


Agenda Item


Registration and reception



Reception banquet. Greetings by Prof Li, dean of the CRES; Video show of CRES, NAU

Banquet hall

Thursday 8 June 2023.  Conference Hall, Hanyuan Hotel, NAU, Nanjing




Opening talks

Jihong Liu Clarke/Genxing Pan


Representative of NAU (TBD)


Knut Arild Thonstad (Development counsellor, The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing)


Jihong Liu Clarke (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway)

Session 1: Progress report on Sinograin II

Nicholas Clarke/Xiaoyu Liu


Krzysztof Kusnierek (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway) (WP1);


Haifeng Gao (Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences)/Huang Shiwen (China National Rice Research Institute) (WP2)


Xingang Liu (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) (WP3)


Nicholas Clarke (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway) (WP4)


Divina Gracia P, Rodriguez (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway) (WP5)


Questions and dicussions


Group photo/tea break

Yue Han

Session 2: Plenary talks on biochar in agriculture

Ruy Anaya de la Rosa/Weixiang Wu


Yakov Kuzyakov (University of Gottingen, Germany): Soil Health: microbiological perspective


Ruy Anaya de la Rosa (UNEP/GEF): Biochar for global soil management


Ji Chen (Arhus University, Denmark): Soil Zymology related to soil health


Yang Wang (China Agricultural University, China): Biochar induced soil SIC accrual


Weixiang Wu (Zhejiang University, China): The long-term carbon emissions reduction effect of biochar in paddy field


Lunch (buffet)

Hotel Canteen

Session 3: Biochar and waste management

Lianqing Li/ Yakov Kuzyakov


Ekaterina Filimonenko (Tyumen State University, Russia): Fire impacts on C cycling


Rongjun Bian (Nanjing Agricultural University, China): Co-pyrolysis of biowastes for safe recycling


Xiangyun Song (Qingdao Agricultural University, China): Effect of straw-derived materials on native soil organic carbon


Jianbin Zhou (Nanjing Forest University): Biochar and biochar liquid fertilizer on yield increase and grain quality improvement


Simon Chen (Vitol Energy Limited (China), Singapore): Biochar potential in carbon trading


Stephen Joseph (University of New South Wales, Australia): Innovative cost-effective strategies for drawing down carbon dioxide and water from the atmosphere and increasing agricultural productivity using enhanced biochars applied at low application rates

Session 4: Biochar and soil health

Jufeng Zheng/Ji Chen


Tao Long (Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, China): Biodiversity of soil


Minglong Liu (Fudan University, China): Interaction of rhizobia with native AM fungi shaped biochar effect on soybean growth


Cheng Liu (Nanjing Agricultural University, China): Biochar drives peanut yield and diazotrophic community


Liqiang Cui (Yancheng Institute of Technology, China): Effects of biochar on the heavy metals fractions in soil


Tianren Si (Nanjing Agricultural University, China): Fe enriched biochar for Cd immobilization


Tea break

Session 5: Biochar-based fertilizers

Rongjun Bian/Simon Chen


Wei Shi (Hebei University of Engineering, China): Biochar-based nitrogen fertilizer


Xiaoyu Liu (Nanjing Agricultural University, China): Role of P:K in biochar-based fertilizer formulation


Xingang Liu (CAAS) Effect of H3PO4-modified biochar on the fate of atrazine and remediation of bacterial community in atrazine-contaminated soil


Fengfeng Sui (Yancheng Institute of Technology, China):Fe-S-biochar prapretion and application for heavy metal immobilization


Huimin Feng (Nanjing Agricultural University, China): Introduction to the journal of Soil Science and Environment


Session 6: Open discussion

Genxing Pan /Jihong Liu Nicholas

Friday 9 June 2023


Site visit to Zhishan farm, suburb Nanjing

Xiaoyu Liu/Guogang Long


Bus depart at the front of the hotel


Arrive at Zhishan village


Bichar production and application demonstration


Visiting biochar-base farm,


Lunch at the farm cafeteria


Exchange and discussion on biochar and agriculture

Video show of the farm (5 min)

Welcome address by the Jingqiao secretary (10 min)

Introduction to agriculture of the village (10 min)

Biochar-base farming technology (Pan 10 min)

Questions and discussions (30 min)

Group photo (10 min)


Bus depart for Norwegian guests


Field sightseeing


Dinner at the village


Depart to Hanyuan Hotel

Saturday 10 June 2023


Key speakers:

1.Ambassador Signe Brudeset, The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing

2.Knut Arild Thonstad, Development counsellor, The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing

3.Nils Vagstand, Director General, NIBIO

4.Thomas Hansteen, The Research Council of Norway

5.Yakov Kuzyakov,University of Gottingen

6.Genxing Pan, Nanjing Agricultural University (Agrochar: a green agricultural deal with healthy soil and food)

7.Weixiang Wu,Zhejiang University

8.Tao Long,Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

9.Simon Chen,Vitol Energy Limited (China)

10.Ruy Anaya de la Rosa,Unep/Global Environment Facility, Australia

11. Ji Chen, Arhus University

12. Stephen Joseph, University of New South Wales, Australia


Nanjing Agricultural University

SCOPE Soil Health Commission

NIBIO (through the Sinograin II project)


Biomass to Biohcar (B2B)Center, IREEA, Nanjing Agricultural University

Zhishan Shiyan Cooperative Farm

Conference fee standard:

Pay before May 20th, enterprise personnel 2450 yuan/person, other personnel 1450 yuan/person; 

Pay after May 20th, enterprise personnel 2800 yuan/person, other personnel 1800 yuan/person.

Please pay the registration fee to the account of Nanjing Agricultural University

(Please note "SiNor Biochar 2023 and name of participants" when transferring)


Xiaoyu Liu Email: Tel:13451810912

Genxing Pan

Tian Jing Tel:13936560534

Please fill out the attached registration form and send it to by May 20, 2023

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